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We know that not only is a campus well maintained vital, so is the safety of students and faculty. Through our extensive background checks, your educational environment can be sure that the right people are at work.

A clean, safe and healthy environment is one of the first steps to launch your students to success. If you want to provide an exceptional learning environment, you should start with an immaculate installation. We can help you clean up your college and school campuses, both inside and outside, from the parking lot and playground to computer labs and student desks.

Cleaning schools can be a daunting task. When cleaning a school building, there are many surfaces to consider: hard floors, carpets, desks, computers, cafeterias and more. All of these areas must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily to keep your students safe and healthy and for your school to look fresh and orderly. We understand all the unique concerns that come with cleaning the school.

It is your first line of defense during the cold and flu season. We will ensure that all surfaces are clean and disinfected to eliminate all harmful viruses and bacteria that schools tend to be a breeding ground. We focus on door knobs, telephones, keyboards and mice, desks and other surfaces that are often contaminated. Our cleaning products are safe for surfaces that children will use, but powerful enough to kill harmful pathogens.

A college or university campus is often a large facility with multiple considerations, no cleanup task is too big or too complicated. We can find a solution to clean and maintain your university campus both inside and outside.

We want to customize a cleaning program that works best for your school, so we offer flexibility in the time of our cleaning services. Our cleaning teams during the day are considered with the school schedule and will work with minimal disruption for students and faculty. Our nightclubs can clean your campus comfortably while everyone leaves, allowing you to enter a bright and clean school every morning.

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