We offer a qualified group of people capable and prepared to work with their state-of-the-art facilities and specialized equipment.

It's hard to find a cleaning challenge bigger than health and fitness clubs. Members constantly leave germs on exercise machines, in lockers, in bathrooms and in showers. Although keeping a clean gym can seem like a difficult task, having a complete checklist can help you face the effectiveness of gym cleaning.

If you run a gym or a gym, hygiene and customer safety are always a big concern. Between sweaty equipment, bacteria in changing rooms and the quality of the air in your facilities, you need a cleaning team that is up to the challenge. With us the cleaning services of gyms, your installation will see Six-Star results in each cleaning. The combination of proven processes, exacting standards and uncompromising customer service puts our gyms cleaning services on a whole new level.

We know gyms and fitness centers. Gyms and gyms have unique cleaning needs, including the challenges that few other companies have to face. That's why we specifically train and equip the owners to clean the gym. Our program includes detailed training on the best ways to clean fitness facilities, giving our cleaners an advantage over cleaners who use "one size fits all" cleaning strategies.

We disinfect safer and more intelligent. Our disinfection system is an invaluable part of our gym cleaning program, our cleaning products can safely disinfect any space and any surface. This innovative system wraps the surfaces treated in a shield to fight germs, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in contact.

We maintain pristine bathrooms and change rooms. Our gym cleaners are trained to identify high risk areas for bacteria and eliminate bacteria in high contact areas. This allows us to effectively fight germs in bathrooms and changing rooms.

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